Bock in German means billy goat. Actually, the word comes from a mispronunciation by some Bavarian brewers of the name of this beer's hometown: Einbeck (Lower Saxony). Certainly, the idea of this animal's power and wildness suits this strong beer. The first question that might pop up when you come across this sort of beast is: "Will I be able to tame it?"
That problem should not be underestimated. But if a few simple instructions are followed, anyone can become a friend of the notorious billy goat:
1. Never show your fear.
2. Never turn your back on it.
3. Move slowly and speak with a firm, determined voice.
4. When you get up from the table, grab onto something for support.
5. Do not book the tennis court the morning after.

Not much else can be said, except that if one day you realize you've fallen in love with the Billy Goat and think you're doing something unnatural, you've got to remember that although it might be a somewhat improper sentiment, at Birrificio Italiano® it's a rather common problem. Trust it, and let it take advantage of you. (Why not? There is no limit to depravity!) We guarantee you will enjoy a deep, sound sleep.

Technical Chart: 
Bibock® is a slightly amber, low fermentation beer produced by way of decoction and with 6.2% alcohol by volume (16 Plato degrees), full-bodied but dry and fairly bitter. The recipe, developed at Birrificio Italiano® of Lurago Marinone, was freely inspired by the best Bock beers of German tradition.

Water, with a total hardness of approximately 30 French degrees.
Hops: Hallertauer Magnum (1st and 2nd addition) and Hallertauer Hersbrücker (3rd addition).
Pilsener, Munich and caramel malts from Germany and France.
Saccharomyces carlsbergensis brewer's yeast from the laboratories of the Brewery University of Baviera (Weihenstephan). Brewer's yeast selected for Prima® and adapted to Bibock® wort is used.

Original recipe developed by Birrificio Italiano® of Lurago Marinone.


From the tasting sessions held at Birrificio Italiano® in June 1998, during the seminars entitled "Una passione, una cultura, una technologia: la birra! [Passion, culture, technology: Beer!"]

Tasting Notes: 
Light amber beer with a compact, somewhat evanescent white head. Light perlage and average level of carbonic saturation.
Distinguishing characteristics: aroma and fragrance of fresh hops.
Medium intense characteristics: thick bittersweet flavor, with a bitter aftertaste; an estery bouquet, especially of citrus fruit (chinotto) and spices (Curacao orange); fresh yeast aroma.
Weak characteristics: fresh flavor of malt; fragrance and aroma of malt (pilsener and caramel); fruit (banana and apricot); flowers (jasmine), with a hint of butter or margarine.

Produced since November 1997, Bibock® is, and will be for years to come, the amber beer of Birrificio Italiano®.