We look forward to meeting you at BeerAttraction! The historical showcase of Italian craft beer is about to be back in Rimini from February the 20th to the 23rd: come and find us at stand 096 inside the C7 pavillion.

We told you: this year our participation would be embellished by something very special, which would have given a new course to Birrificio Italiano’s tale.

It was in the air, something was about to happen… And it’s no longer time to hold it back: Barbarrique (fermentazioni) will be introduced for the very first time in Rimini!


Barbarrique (fermentazioni) is a new adventure born off the most experimental branch of Birrificio Italiano, at the crossroads between beer and wine; a frontier where the worlds melt together to sparkle brash, self-sufficient, no-Fs-poster_barbaro1okgiven brews. Agostino Arioli’s 20-years-long brewing experience joins the knowledge of oenologists Matteo Marzari and Andrea Moser in concoctions who steal the Wild spirit of vineyards and tipically wine-related processes (champenois method, barrel aging, hybrid beer/grape worts, spontaneous fermentations).


The face of Barbarrique is BANSHY the barbarian, an avatar where the skills and personalities of the three brewers come together, a wild spirit devoted to brutal irony and woven deep in his soul with Mother Nature… You can follow his tales and discovers new beers on Barbarrique’s Facebook page and Twitter profile. What Banshy brewed first is Inclusio Ultima and Padosè, both featured in BeerAttraction taplist and produced with champenois method.



Inclusio Ultima is a Tipopils “on steroids”, bottle conditioned with hops (unique process, invented and patented at Barbarrique-fermentazioni®), progressively turned upside down to bring the sediments to the head of the bottle, disgorged to eliminate residues and re-filled up to level.


Padosè is the evolution of the historical Cassissona. A “champagne beer” as well, it sports a sharper, dryer sensory profile compared to the original. A slight sourness harmonically weaves through the pungent notes of blackcurrant.

THE BARBARIANS HAVE COME. Let the Unexpected take over.


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