Amber Shock – “The Unpredictable”

This is how you celebrate. A convivial beer endowed with huge inebriating abilities, Amber Shock is a pendulum perpetually swinging between the pleasures of seduction and those of a Russian roulette. It’s really easy, infact, if you linger too long in the hypnotic sweetness of its company, for one to lose touch with time and space, to forget of one’s own home waiting (always far and farther) and to wake up the following day – somewhat guilt-trippin’ – in weird conditions and places…

On exotic shores, with a surfboard under one’s armpits; in unknown or makeshift beds, or strolling through cities we would never have imagines to visit. You oughta be careful with those like her… But let’s be honest: it’s also the fact that she might bend us to her mercy to make the whole thing exciting!

Original extract: 18°Plato
ABV: 7 % in volume.
Color: Deep amber, vaguely brown froth. Sometimes a bit hazy due to suspended yeasts.

Deep amber in color with a compact, cappuccino-hued, very persistent froth; light to medium carbonation. Nose is strongly based on sensations of caramelish malt, crowned with fresh, citrusy notes. Mouth is filled by a full, sugary mouthfeel whose intensely fruity bouquet counts suggestions of red apple, wild berries, ripe banana and blood orange (pulp and peel). Amber Shock’s complexity culminates with slightly roasted and buttery after-aromas

Drink fresh: the right moment falls within six months from bottling date. Do not age! Store below 10° C.

According to tradition, Amber Shock must be shared – just the beer, not the bill. This usually brings all those participating in the drinking session to buy one each, in turns, with some easily conceivable implications. Amber Shock is a convivial, “christmasy” and festive beer; both for the really euphorizing and warm ABV and for the complex structure, which requires pairing with quite the robust food... Or with an abundant snowfall! Perfect match to slow-cooked, assertive dishes, especially game stews, it also suits well blue cheeses (both nature or used as ingredients... Picture a gorgonzola cheese risotto!).

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