Bibock – “The Arrogance”

Our (VERY atypical) tribute to the most vigorous among German beers. Elegance. Vehemence. A studs-up tackle (yet surprisingly kind). Drinkable as you wouldn’t expect, yet rich and full-flavoured. In a journey between fine bitterness, apricot and honey, will you manage to tame the Buck’s primal power…?

Original extract: 16°Plato
ABV: 6,2 % in volume.
Color: Bright amber-orange. Sometimes a bit hazy because of the suspended yeasts.

Produced by infusion of Pilsener, Munchen and special barley malts, it is fermented with a whimsical bottom-fermenting yeast bestowing elegant, peculiar notes of fresh fruit. German bittering hops and massive quantities of Styrian Goldings noble up the aroma; dry-hopped to completion with an english-german mixture.

Amber-orange in color, Bibock is crowned by a compact, abundant and lacing head.
Nose is fresh with notes of apricot, peach and wild berries; above which the hops’ herbal/spicy and typically English bouquet pop up. Malts confer scents of hazelnut, caramel and chestnut honey.
The full, sweet body, sip by sip, gives room to a clean bitterness and to a complex and rich aftertaste. Fresh and opulent (yet dangerously drinkable), it has to be treated carefully... The Buck is in ambush!

Drink fresh: the right moment falls within six months from bottling date. Do not age! Store below 10° C.

The word “Bock”, in German, generally defines the billy goat or “Buck”. The term being used as a beer style name, though, derives by a distortion of “Einbeck”, place of birth of this kind of recipe.

Be it city or animal, sure the idea of power and ferality of the beast suit well this strong beer... The billygoat charges, points at you. The first question you ask yourself, when you end up facing such a monster, is: “Can I tame it...?”
Let us tell you, this is no irrelevant matter! By following some simple rules, though, we are sure anyone will be able to befriend the Buck. Do as follows:

NEVER show it you fear it;
NEVER turn your back;
Move slowly, speak with a clear and confident voice
When you finally get up from the table, lean on something
Most of all, never, NEVER book the court for your tennis match for the morning after.

And if one day you find out you’ve fallen in love with the Buck, and feel ashamed for the pulse against nature you feel... Well, remeber that in some way your feelings are actually kind of nasty, but your issue is very much spread here at Birrificio.

Then trust the Buck, let him abuse you (there’s no limit to depravity!), let it go: you’ll sleep the sleep of the just and the happy.

Drink Bibock while dining at home with friends: she’s a party starter. Pair it with thick dishes, bean soups, red meats, broiled or roasted (Who said “pork shank”?!), with tex-mex or asian fatty foods, and cow, semi-aged cheeses.

What do you think about Bibock – “The Arrogance”?