Delia – “Wonder”

This beer is dedicated to a Woman. Just like her, it’s suprising. Rich in perfume, ethereal, faint in colour at first glance; it soon reveals its true nature: she’s a tiger! Complex, at times even complicated, and multifaceted, it never ceases to amaze you. Forget everything you think you know about her, it will shift as soon as the next sip comes.

Trying to understand her is purposeless, just better let yourself go and enjoy to the fullest: it flows through your mouth as fresh water; while sticking to you so intensely that all you’re left with is the eagerness to have some more.

Pale, light and unusual, brewed with experimental German hops and old-fashioned floor malts, Delia is unique because the grist is processed with a double infusion system and the hopping phases are ‘inverted’: aromatic hops are indeed used during the bittering phase, and bittering hops during the aroma-inducing steps of the brew.

Original Extract: 10,5 P°
ABV: 4,5%
Color: Pale straw gold

Pale straw in color. Smooth, abundant and fine-grained head, quite persistent. Nose is first hit by hops-related sensations: sweet tropical fruits, citrus, noble German herbal, and a tail of subtle balsamic ‘green’ intertwined to the honey-ish notes typical of floor malts.

Mouth confirms the tasting impressions, completed with a neat, clean bitterness that suddenly disappears leaving room for a pleasant, grainy sweetness which becomes the ideal bed on which the complexity of aromas can expand and express itself. An original, light and ‘different’ beer; surprisingly layered and ‘complex’.

Drink fresh: the right moment falls within five months from bottling date. Do not age! Store below 10° C.

Delia matches to perfection barbecues, picnics, brunches and all kinds of open-air drinking during sunny days. Speaking of food, we recommend pairings with fresh, acidic cheeses (goat, buffalo mozzarella) or spiced (but not greasy) Asian food. Serve cold, even though not ice cold, at about 8-10° C.

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