Extra Hop – “The Obsession”

Agostino dreams of them at night time, in an archetypal form rooted in the depths of subconsciousness; in the olfactory memories of the first rudimentary brewing experiences, in the quintessence of aroma – in the concept of “hops” itself – which being elaborated and digested by the tireless brewing mind multiplies, increases, raises… The hops become the Myth, and the myth cannot be beaten. Extra Hop is a seasonal beer created to translate this transcendent, explosive concept into reality; to carry the ideal of hops in its most complete and absolute form inside a glass, to see it brim over freely with aromas previously only existing in the wildest of fantasies.

Original Extract: 11°Plato
ABV: 4.8%.
Colour: Light golden-yellow.

Like other Pilseners, is a delicate beer to be judged considering just a few parameters: bitterness, body, intensity of the malts, hops aroma and, most importantly, the harmony between them.

Pale straw in color, beautifully white, lacing, creamy froth. Nose is fresh and scented with strong notes of herbal hops (wet hay and flowers) and a light pepperiness. Acacia honey and dandelion are the featuring scents given by the malts. When tasted, it sports a fleeting, lightly sweet start followed by a lingering bitterness flooding the mouth, making it tingle with pleasure.
Aftertaste is featured with a beautiful freshness, with a delicate bitterness which lasts together with the refraining sweetness of the malts.
Thin-bodied and dangerously drinkable, is a beer for any occasion. Preferably served with a fresh hop cone on top!

Only available in kegs. Drink fresh, seasonally!

Drink it anytime, anywhere you have the chance to: it is brewed twice a year, and when it’s launched it’s your moral duty to chase it. Enjoyed by itself, in quantity, it charms the senses making it impossible to choose something else to drink; until the keg (or the drinker) is finished. Extra Hop is a beer conceived to quench thirst and relieve fatigue, to be drunk in big mouthfuls enjoying the grainy, honeyish, malty notes, the elegant hopping and the way in which these layer over, gently, sip after sip. You will feel like in a springtime Bierstübe, anywhere you are.

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