Imperial Pils – “The Impressionist”

When at the beginning of September the hops are ripe and ready for harvest; if you visited the city of Tettnang you’d find yourself, pleasantly stunned and astonished, in the middle of an olfactory storm. Hop-filled carriages come and go spreading their inebriating waft through the air… And we wanted to capture that moment, those sensations, those landscapes; and reproduce them inside your glass! To do so we just had one way: using the green hop cones, before the drying process used to preserve them. In order to achieve this, we needed to intercept them as soon as they were unloaded from the carriage; pack them and carry them over to the Alchemic Workshop to brew them immediately.

We did in 2008, and we have been doing it every year since! Fresh Tettnanger hops are poured by the handful in every phase of the production of this beer; so that at every step the finished product might imbibe with a specific nuance of aroma, a aprticular degree of bitterness, a special tile which will compose along with the others the perfumed mosaic of countryside German roads during harvest time. Imperial Pils is our memory – maybe a little romantically transfigured – of that time and those places, traced with quick and trenchant brushstrokes.

Original Extract: 14,7°Plato
ABV: 5,7%.
Color: Intense golden

Incisive honey notes intertwine suddenly to suggestions of lowering meadow, freshly mowed grass, wood sorrel. In the mouth the malty, bready sweetness is confirmed and “seasoned” by a light ethilic vibration, culminating in a pungent but instantaneous bitterness; tickling the throat and palate and quickly disappearing. Satisfying and rich, it is the most cerebral of our Pilseners; rustic and sophisticated, simple and complex at the same time.

Only available in kegs. Drink it fresh, seasonally!

As all the best thing, Imperial Pils is kind of rare: our wet hops harvest Pilsener can only be brewed only immediately after the harvest itself, and only few hours after the hops have been bought. This is why you will be able to drink it only when it will be ready for the world, with its ever-changing complexity, and only at our pub in Lurago Marinone and very few others. Drink it in good company with someone you know won’t want to get up from the pub stool before you do.

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