La Polock świeże – “The Curiosity”

When an old Polish style peeps at Canada and lands at the Alchemic Workshop in Limido Comasco. Brewed just with 100% smoked wheat malt, generous doses of hop flowers and a quick filtering through oak chips; it has been created in collaboration with André Trudel, master brewer at Le Trou du Diable.

“Polock” was the nickname given by the Québecoise Canadians to Polish immigrants in the XX century, while świeże stands for ‘fresh’… In Polish, of course!

Polock is inspired by a lost Polish-German beer style, ‘Grodziskie’ or ‘Graetzer’.

Of course, I could not fail to put my own signature on this beer and so did my friend André. It is a strange beer, totally preposterous, yet very enjoyable and highly drinkable… It’s the Polish way 😀 !

Original Extract: 9°P
ABV: 4,0
Color: Extremely pale straw, lightly opalescent.

Endowed with a bouquet of smoked, woody, grassy notes underlined by a subtle yet lingering sourness, light and extremely thin-bodied this little monster makes for a dangerously drinkable session-type thing for the ones willing to go “beyond habits"! 

Only available in kegs. Drink fresh, according to availability!

Drink with friends. In great quantity, perhaps. It suits Spring as well as the coldest, snowy winter days; it fits fireplaces and flowery meadows. It matches white fishes (a cod stew, for instance) as well as pork, or with substantial, hearty stews such as hungarian goulasches. Check it out!

What do you think about La Polock świeże – “The Curiosity”?