Sultana – “The Femme Fatale”

We fall in love, sometimes, with persons a million miles away from what we consider our ideal standards. So one who loves brunettes will lose his mind for a blonde from time to time, the sporty girl will love an intellectual couch potato, the god-fearing maid will end up following a godless thug.

As for we, generally fond of the german-style cleanliness, we fell in love with the Sultana… Hazy, crepuscular witch seducing with her whispers; opulent and blunt, yet at the same time tempting and juicy… She embodies a rustic, yet noble, Belgium; the complexity of top fermentations meeting the dryness we usually seek (is it because she speaks so directly, almost commanding, we love her so much?), the relationship of mutual dependence in which pleasure always walks on the razor edge of forbidden things.

Original Extract: 14,9°Plato
ABV: 5,8%
Colour: Intense straw yellow, abundant and lacing snow-white froth

From the rich snow-white froth, from the laces she leaves on the brim of the goblet since the first sip; a lively fervour of spices. Black pepper, coriander seeds, citrus taunt the drinker with irony; gratifying him or her with a drinkability seemingly in contrast with the roundness of aromas – a triumph of peach, ripe apricot, quince, wheat, yellow flowers. Closed with a dryness which leaves little to say, her richness never gets you tired: Sultana’s red magic satisfy but not for long, they beg us not to go, force us to come back for more – oh sweet cruelty, here I come!

Only available in kegs. Drink it fresh!

Drink along with an inner pathos, or when incomprehensible love affairs happen, during eclypses, or when during the early Summer nights the wind still fights againts the chirping of cicadas. It is well paired with the Tuscan or Flemish countryside, with the sirocco whipping harshly against white cliffs, and when it comes to food with fatty fishes (poached salmon), braised meats such as a carbonnade flamande, or with gallant picnics where the food will have to be way less important than a sudden, mineral inebriation.

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