Tipopils – “Know Thyself”

It might seem the most normal of our own beers yet it is the one that leaves its mark the most, the one that makes you fall in love. It whispers stories about fields of barley and hop gardens delivering the essence of their aromas.

Tipopils is an “archetypal” beer: it embodies and corresponds to the idea of light beer settled in our DNA over many centuries.

A classic in craft beer of paramount balance and elegance, an embrace of hops and malts setting the trend since 1996.

Original Extract of wort: 12° Plato.
5.2% alcohol content by volume.
Color: golden yellow, sometimes cloudy opalescent.

Produced by infusion with Caramunich- and Pilsner-type barley malts, brewed with a popular German bottom-fermenting yeast. German bittering and aromatic hops used both in warm and cold hopping (dry hopping). It is coarsely filtered to remove some of the yeast.

Intense yellow-golden in color, it sports an abundant, fine, thick and persistently lacing white head.
Initial citrus and grassy hop aroma with hints of fresh yeast are immediately followed by flavors of honey and cereal coming from the malts; crowned by floral hints of chamomile and dandelion.

An initial, fleeting, hint of sweetness stikes the palate quickly giving way to a diffused bitterness that tickles your mucous membrane. A lively carbonation and a strong (yet never invasive) body mouthfeel complete Tipopils’ range of sensations.

A flavour one can never get tired of: this is her secret... A beer of great character in its apparent simplicity, its drinkability and low alcohol content often make it impossible to avoid having "one more".

Drink fresh: the right moment falls within four months from bottling date. Do not age! Store below 10° C.

It so effectively quenches your thirst that after the first glass drinking another is useless, thirst-wise. The desire to re-experience the gratification tied to the first sip, though, undoubtedly leads to drink another, and yet one more.

The euphoric effect given by the first glass doesn't fade with subsequent glasses, so be careful! You end up drinking it by the loads because every sip is a blessing and it’s never enough – just watch out, do not distract yourself; as while you’re pleasingly chatting or doing something else, bringing the glass to the lips can become sort of an automatic gesture (DANGER!).
This is why Tipopils has been dubbed "Know Thyself": drinking it requires a control and perception of self greater than many other beers do...

PS: Tipopils® boasts a very special record: the greatest number of mispronunciations of its name.

Here's a sample:

Tipòpils (Chic)
Tripolis (Colonial)
Tripopils (Globe-trotting)
Triplis (Homebody)
Typopils (Inaccurate)
Popolis (Grass roots)
Tipplepils (Hic!)
Topplepils (Unsteady)
Teepeepils (Pocahontas)
Teripòppils (British nanny)
Tipopistil (Flowery)

...and many more. The most frequently used ‘word’ to indicate it is an atonal mumbling sounding halfway between "Tip...ummb..is" and "T....pimmmmnp...ils".

Markil 14/09/2017 11:07
This is a excellent 8.5/10. Discovered this in my adopted hometown of Tallinn,Estland. Very,very nice....
Markil 14/09/2017 11:00
This is a excellent 8.5/10. Discovered this in my adopted hometown of Tallinn,Estland. Very,very nice....

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