Vudù – “The Originary”

There’s magic, a primal force in Vudù. The ritual mask repeats deep mantras vibrating of the same vibration of the Earth, who sound like the energy of the planet, of the hidden rock, of raw humanity. Each sip is a pagan ritual, a direct connection to the natural powers: Vusù is the harmony of opposites, the black and the white, the cosmic harmony, the eternal transmutation. This is why she’s the Originary: this, and the fact that she’s inspired by an ancient German style… Dark wheat-based beers Weizen Dunkel, W. Du, Vudù. It celebrates the original essence of Beer – drink a Vudù in its mystic chalice, wide and generous, almost sacrificial…

Original Extract 16°Plato
ABV: 6 %.
Color: Slightly opalescent Mahogany with an abundant cappuccino-hued froth.

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