Mediated and guided by the hand of the brewer; through the metamorphosis changing raw matter in complex recipe, water in inebriation, scents in harmonies; it’s from the ingredients that the greatness of a beer originates in the first place.

This is why we put special care in the selection of all raw materials we use for our creations, which we try to understand and respect fully in order to express their most authentic spirit.

The Malts.
Purchased strictly from european malting companies prized for their quality standards, with whom Birrificio has woven through the years favoured business relationships, our malts are tested batch by batch. Samples are individually lab-analyzed to fully understand their character and suitability, tasted and tested in experimental batches before officially entering production.

The Hops.
We buy most of our hops in Tettnang, or in vocated areas of Slovenia. Every year, when September comes and the new harvest is ready, we travel to Germany and dive into an ocean of aromas. It’s feasting days for our nostrils: we blind-taste (or better, blind-sniff) all hops batches; seeking those with the most characterizing aroma profiles, trying to take a guess at how the flavor will be conveyed to the brews. We exclusively buy our hops in fresh cones, which we independently then ship to a small plant to be chopped and pressed in pellets. This is the only way we can be absolutely sure to put in our beers just the right hops we want, the ones we personally chose, tested, and whose nuances we have explored deeply.