Curtains up: Birrificio Italiano + Schönramer + Brasserie de la Senne brewing together for Locher Hopfen!

Dear Friends,


Yesterday we’ve been tickling you quite a bit, when we announced on Facebook a collaboration between Birrificio Italiano and two other giants of the industry, whom judging from your reactions (“WHAAAAAT??!”, “EEEEHH??!!”, “REEALLLYYYYY??!”) many among you knew quite well.

Now’s the time to reveal in detail what this is about… As it goes for any respectable thriller, though, lets’ first add some more thrill to the story by telling what came before the epilogue.

Foreword: it’s not easy to find the best hops. It requires research, time and dedication; and a constant effort in quality control.

Still there’s a place, somewhere in Germany, where a family has dedicated all of its life to the cultivation of the scents which enrich great beers: it’s Missenhardt, the town where the Lochers live and operate, dear friends and harvesters of some of the most precious hop cones in the world.

There, me and many others have found a guarantee of quality for the hops we use in our beers: each plant is grown with passion, and the results speak by themselves.

I have spent wonderful moments in Missenhardt throughout the years, often as a guest at Lochers’, swinging between beautiful meals, copious drinking sessions and wonderful harvest-time feasts; together with special people.


Other loving patrons of Locher Hopfen’s estates are  Eric Toft, brewer at Schönramer, and Yvan de Baetz, from Brasserie de la Senne: it’s with them, then, that the idea to celebrate our favorite dealers was finally born.

So it was time for Cuvée de Missenhardt, a bottom-fermented one-of-a-kind creature with a part of malted wheat and, obviously, the richest fruits in the Lochers’ bouquet: Perle, Tettnanger and Rottenburger.


Cuvée won’t be commercialized, but you will be able to sample it at Marano sul Panaro’s indigenous hops festival, Marano Wild Hopfest, on July the 17th-18th. There couldn’t be a better chance to offer it: it’s one of the few, if not the only beer, dedicated to hop farmers!

On July the 23rd, by night, Cuvée de Missenhardt will be introduced during a special night at our historical pub in Lurago Marinone… I’ll be pouring it, to tell you about it and drink it together. And then, it will be gone; probably forever!

Come toast to the Lochers with us; to celebrate hops and its scent… And because, if you’re eager to try this beer, there will be no other chance to do it.







PS: Cuvée de Missenhardt was given to the Lochers during a surprise party held at their estates.

Find below some pictures which will help you understand, partially, the atmosphere one can breathe in that house…

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