Squeeze the best out of a beer: drink it AT THE RIGHT MOMENT!

Our beer is a living thing. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, completely clear of additives of any kind it is bottled or kegged and let free to carry out its mission: being perfect when it reaches your glass. Our beer lives – but life is a cycle, it has rhythms, and mysteries, and energies of its own… Each of our creations comes hardwired with a specific lifespan that you must not exceed in order to enjoy it at its best. Exactly like other products (i.e. cheese), sure enough, some beers gets more complex and interesting as they age… Some others (most of them), as they get older, lose their youthful freshness and pretty much every good jolly feature they used to be prized for. Would you eat a buffalo mozzarella or cottage cheese which has been aged for months? Except some cellar-inclined exceptions, then, drink Birrificio Italiano’s products as fresh as you can.

When you buy Birrificio Italiano by the bottle, you can read two dates on the label: the first one is the bottling date, accompanied by batch number: the second is the one we chose as the last possible to enjoy the product at its best, to drink it the way we meant it.

This we ask of you, dear friend: know thy beer. Respect it to the fullest. And respect yourself – you and your palate surely deserve the best from us, all along.