Of Lions and (arrogant) Men – Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival + Arrogant Sour Festival


You knew already that we, Birrificio Italiano people, loved to get around to be meeting up with good beer lovers and drinkers.

You also know we really enjoy thinking that beer must be drunk, but also discussed, lived and shared.

And this is exactly why we’re writing: to share the emotion we feel for having been invited, next weekend (May the 29th- 31st), to be a part of two of the most fabulous beer events we can think of: the uncanny Firestone Walker Invitational in Paso Robles, California, USA and the Arrogant Sour Festival – Reggio nell’Emilia, Emilia Romagna, Italy.



What’s it all about, then? Well – the first event, as the name might suggest, is an invitational festival yearly organized by our friends at Firestone Walker, a great American brewery which started as we did in 1996, during which we’ll have the pleasure and the honor to share the taps with some of the most renowned names of the American craft beer scene (besides Firestone itself, among others are Ballast Point, Cigar City, Russian River, Port Brewing/Lost Abbey, Stone… Check out the full breweries list here). We’ll try to keep you posted by the minute about what happens in Paso Robles via our Facebook and Twitter; given that frenzy, pints gone crazy and wi-fi availability let us!


Each brewery will be tapping a session beer, and at least two special or limited editions: we’ll be there with our Tipopils for the session division, with a special barrel-aged version of La Polock, with our Scires and La Piccola (a Birrificio Italiano/Firestone Walker collab) in ultra-rare barrel-aged brett version – everything on tap!

The festival will serve as a chance for Firestone to present the California-brewed version of La Piccola: we’ll have the pleasure, after the festival, to serve at our pub in Lurago Marinone both batches (the Limido Comasco-brewed and the Paso Robles’) during a dedicated event later on.




As for what’s happening in our closer neighborhood, instead, Arrogant Sour Festival is an all-Italian matter of beer pride: organized by our favorite ‘sinner’ Alle, publican of the Reggio Emilia-based Arrogant Pub, it is the biggest festival exclusively dedicated to sour beers in Europe. A long trail of personal scouting and research of sours from all around the world has gained the festival a list of more than 140 beers (full list here) served on tap or, in good part, poured directly from the maturing casks! One of the traits making Arrogant Sour unique is that a full barrel cellar is recreated within the event, by putting together exclusive barrel-aged productions from almost each one of the participating breweries.
We’ll take part with our Cassissona on tap (can’t miss!), La Piccola Bretta, and a barrel full of Scires which we can’t picture lasting for too long… Furthermore, at Arrogant we’ll be introducing another very limited exclusive; a game we had fun playing whose outcome we really like a lot. We’re speaking of a previously unreleased version of our Polock, barrel aged with raspberries. What else?


As you might have grasped, it will be a… Long weekend. What do you think, are we going to survive? But most importantly, will you be popping by?