Robe da Chiodi edition I – the mad festival of experimental fermentations became reality!



Experimental Fermentationists Unite!

The Pulse: that’s what it was. On July the 9th 2016, at Barbarrique’s headquarters in Trambileno (TN), reality was vibrating with a new hue. The energy of a band of alchemists was being unleashed, in the same place, at the same time: experimental brewers, natural wine- and cidermakers gathered together under the banners of Robe da Chiodi, first festival of experimental fermentations!

It was the first because it was its first edition ever, sure, organized by Birrificio Italiano and Barbarrique. It was the first though especially because no other such festival exists in Italy… It was all about barrel aged, champagne method or sour beers; it was about biodynamic, no-added-yeasts wines, it was about spontaneously fermented apple ciders from ancient indigenous varieties. These products and the people behind them opened a space of contamination and freedom of mind unprecedented throughout the Peninsula.gente

Robe da Chiodi itself was a celebration of contamination, of the mutual influence between different ideas and processes, an hymnal dedicated to diversity and hybridization… Encrusted with unique moments of music, art and entertainment, it was the need to let go of any self-imposed barrier, to feel fully with each and every of the senses.

A snapshot from Cosimo Miorelli’s (Banshy’s illustrator) digital live painting act.
Riciclette whipping it up!

We must thank you who followed us in this folly, turned bet, turned something important we must do again: thank you,

breweries from Trentino Alto Adige for sharing with Barbarrique your wonderful land (Baladin, Barbaforte, Batzen, Bionoc’, Maso Alto); thanks to the breweries having joined us from the rest of Italy, fellows in representing the excellence of our products worldwide (BlackBarrels, Birrificio del Ducato, Loverbeer, Montegioco, Stavio), thanks to Dornach Wines’ winemaker Patrick Uccelli and Pojer&Sandri’s Mario Pojer, to the cidermakers Melchiori and Cascina Danesa, thanks to the guys at Le Radici for creating delicious cocktails with regional distillates and liquors. Thanks to SMART Lab e Pensiero Giovane for helping us organize the whole thing, and to all of you for coming and visit us!


As we wait for next edition… Come visit us in Trentino! Barbarrique’s taproom, located in Loc. Sega 2, Trambileno (TN) is a very nice place to be… Where you can peacefully sit and sip the whole range of Barbarrique and Birrificio Italiano’s beers!

panoramica taproom
Our beautiful Taproom!


And when you see something extraordinary, which will make your eyes pop, remember the codeword and scream it out loud: #robedachiodi!