Searching for our roots… In Canada!

This is the story of revolving time, of occurrences and recurrences, of destiny at play. This is the story of an indomitable passion, Agostino’s passion for beer, and of an elightenment: of the moment when the passion took shape, and Agostino knew exactly how he would have changed it into a job. Because Birrificio Italiano’s story starts in British Columbia 29 years ago… But let us go, then, sep by step.


It was 1986. Graduation days had just gone by, after an experimental thesis under prof. Gaspare Volonterio’s guidance had been written and carried out at Poretti brewery in Induno Olona. There was a celebration, in the form of a journey in the Vancouver province, spent between bears, trekking and a continent that still used to be 30 years ahead; where craft beer was no longer an unreachable utopia but already a reality. They reached, one day, Granville Island Brewery – it had opened its gates two years earlier. The brewpub where whole, clean, good beers were produced and sold at once was a flash of inspiration: on that image, indelibly impressed, Birrificio Italiano would have been founded ten years later; in its original brewpub formula, in Lurago Marinone.


It’s 2015. We’ve been touring the American West Coast for a week, hosted by great breweries and pubs. After spending the days of Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Festival toasting with our friends from Firestone, Russian River and others, after the days spent between San Francisco, Portland, Seattle discovering worlds we wanted to assimilate, a day of spare time leads us to Vancouver again. We go on a pilgrimage, religiously, to Granville Island – we drink, we look around, we introduce ourselves. We meet Kevin, the brewer, who maybe in 1986 had not even been born yet. We tell him about this strange story, of what Birrificio Italiano has become, about how it was born, of how much it is linked to that brewery we are currently walking into, incredulously. We drink one with Kevin, we joke, than we more seriously have some talk. From memories, the future is born. Because we are thinking to maybe do a collaboration brew, we say one another; but one of the really meaningful ones, authentically celebratory, to whom the spiritual and historical meaning wins over the roughly commercial one…


Stay tuned to know more. And enjoy the gallery!


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