"Tipopils®" · “Self-consciousness”
It so effectively quenches your thirst that after the first glass you wouldn't need to drink another. The desire to experience again the gratification tied to the first sip irremediably leads you to drink another, and yet another. The euphoric effect of the first glasses lasts even with the others, and you never risk finding yourself suddenly "drunk" with all of the consequences. I drink it because I don't want to get drunk: I want to savor as many sips as possible of a beverage I adore. Sometimes it accidentally becomes an automatic gesture that I repeat for no particular reason. That's the other side of the coin. You can drink this type of beer in staggering quantities, even without realizing it (WARNING!). It requires more sensibleness than other beers. That's why, besides placing it on the 5th level, I've decided to give it this nickname: Self-consciousness

PS: Tipopils® boasts a very special record: the greatest number of mispronunciations of its name.

Here's a sample:
Tipòpils (Chic)
Tripolis (Colonial)
Tripopils (Globe-trotting)
Triplis (Homebody)
Typopils (Inaccurate)
Popolis (Grass roots)
Tipplepils (Hic!)
Topplepils (Unsteady)
Teepeepils (Pocahontas)
Teripòppils (British nanny)
Tipopistil (Flowery)
…and many more. I certainly never thought this name could create such linguistic predicaments. To tell you the truth, the word most frequently used to indicate it is an atonal mumbling that is halfway between "Tip…ummb..is" and "T….pimmmmnp…ils".

Technical Chart: 
Tipopils® is a light beer produced by way of infusion, with approximately 5.2% alcohol by volume (15.8 Plato degrees). It has a rather dry, hoppy flavor. After a rather long primary fermentation, it undergoes a short maturation phase of about 2 weeks.

Water, with a total hardness of approximately 30 French degrees;

Hops: four types are used. A very bitter Hallertauer Magnum is used for the first addition, then a Hallertauer Perle of average aromaticity and bitterness is used for the second addition. Hallertauer Hersbrücker and Hallertauer Saaz (rich in essential oils), which are used for the third and last addition, have the important task of releasing the finer aromas of the hops to the wort. More Saaz hops are added before maturation and when the liquid has cooled, which releases a subtle grassy aroma of hops;

Pilsener malt and a hint of caramel malt (for color) from Germany and France;

Saccharomyces carlsbergensis brewer's yeast from the laboratories of the Brewery University of Baviera (Weihenstephan).

Original recipe developed by Birrificio Italiano® of Lurago Marinone.


From the tasting sessions held at Birrificio Italiano® in June 1998, during the seminars entitled "Una passione, una cultura, una technologia: la birra! [Passion, culture, technology: Beer!"].

Tasting Notes: 
Golden beer with a thick, persistent white head and light perlage. Average level of carbonic saturation.
Distinguishing characteristics: bitter flavor and aftertaste, aroma and fragrance of Pilsener malt and fresh hops.
Medium intense characteristics: a bittersweet, refreshing, full flavor of malt.
Weak characteristics: acidulous taste (citric) and licorice flavor, aroma and flavor of fruit (banana), flowers (rose) and fresh yeast .

Comments of Mastro Kuaska 
(Lorenzo Dabove): 

«Beautiful to look at (it can have a luscious white, creamy head) and taste, Tipopils® is quite well-balanced. It has an inviting aroma of malt, fresh hops, banana and yeast, and a dry flavor characterized by an irresistible "bitterness" that turns into a persistent and pleasant bitterish aftertaste. It is the perfect beer to drink in only two moments of the day: at meals and between meals!»

Tipopils® has been produced since April 3, 1996, and there's a very good chance that it will remain the number 1 beer of Birrificio Italiano® for a very long time".