B.I. Weizen – “The Mirage”

Brewed with a good 50% of malted wheat (“Weizen”, in German) this beer represents our personal take on the Bavarian classic.
A life-saver for the hot days, for the sultry biergartens, for the sweltering moments in which the only real solution would be a good dive inside the cellar-temperature fermenting tanks; B.I Weizen is our oasis in the desert, the only place we can find relief both for the body and spirit (imagine splashing in a pool of crystal-clear water surrounded by palms, beatiful women – or men, depending on your taste – bent to the desire of your company, hawaiian screen-printed shorts, surf music compilations echoing and people saying things like “All cool ‘mon” all around).
Enriched by a light aromatization with british and american hops, it is fermented with top-fermenting yeasts and rifermented in tanks with bottom-fermenting varieties.

Original Extract: 12°Plato
ABV: 5%
Color: Opalescent, intense yellow.

Intense yellow in color, crowned with an abundant, frothy, persistent and lacing head. Fresh, fragrant nose with notes of banana, cloves, herbal hops and tropical fruit. The initial sweet opening is followed by a neat sourness and lingering, thin bitter finish which requires urgently one more sip. Thin-bodied and generously sparkling, it is thought and made for Summer. Enjoy with each of your senses!

Drink fresh: the right moment falls within three months from bottling date. Do not age! Store below 10° C.

Pair with the noisiest and cleverest of your friends, as long as they’re able to enjoy lightness and relax. Or, if it has to be food, with white meats, grilled or stewed vegetables, semi-fresh cheeses (especially goat milk cheeses) and light thai curries. Try it also with fresh fruit or yogurt-based desserts.

Bruno Battagliail 05/11/2015 18:03
Simply the best beer I've ever tasted! I'm brazilian, and went to Italy (Milan) last year for work. There I could prove some different B.I. Weizen, and they where all great! Brought some to Brazil but, unfortunatelly, they runned out! Is there a place here in Brazil where I can buy them? Congratulations for this piece of art in form of beer!

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