La Piccola – “The Contradiction”

Thin and fragile, a shocking strength. Small explosions as microscopic bubbles and aromas fill the palate, whimsical and seductive like a lolita from other times and distant places, spicy and innocent. It approaches the lips with elegance and a dry and fine effervescence: as a woman of great class, already wearing a few accessories (but of character) she leaves a pinkish mark, a memory which cannot be erased.

On her tiptoes she moves around spreading strokes of ruby, small fruit underlined by a whispering, captivating chatter: yet her mystery lies in the shady side, fascinating and seductive, whose darkness never completely overcomes the freshness of a Chinese garden. It might be thanks to the virtues of an ancient, holy grain; or because of that secret spice which comes from afar and she alway brings along: but she’s taken our heart, and she knows how to hold it, and squeeze it, and anoint it with balms and then torture it each time she comes by, and suddenly goes away.

Original Extract: 10°P
ABV: 4%
Color: Clear, with amber-ruby nuances

A light Saison, with dark amber-ruby tones. The brewmix is added with a small fraction of toasted wheat, from an ancient indigenous Italian variety, which enriches the bouquet with rather unique flavors. In addition, shortly before casking a pinch of Sichuan pepper is added to give a fresh, tingling finish.

(Rarely) available also in a barrel-aged, brett-refermented version.

Only available in kegs. Drink fresh, according to availability!

The lovers’ beer. It doesn’t really matter if official or under cover lovers. Pair it with intensely aromatic raw vegetables, such as spontaneous herbs, radicchio or rocket; or with seafood soups (firstly, cacciucco from Livorno!)

Janesail 26/04/2016 07:33
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