Scires – “The Complexity”

We live in a frivolous age, yet not in an easy one. Actually, it’s world’s superficiality itself to generate some of the hardest questions we rack our brains about… In the moments when everything seems to be reduced to “the unbearable lightness of being”, just a complexity of the right kind can gain back control over our thought and bless it with the time it needs to explore in depth the mysteries of reality. This is why Scirès exists, a “meditation” beer able to put the world in the right perspective; a layered sip between whose folds all the truths and pleasure we sometimes need to rediscover are nestled.

Original Extract: 19°Plato
ABV: 7,5 %.
Colore: Ruby red with bloody-granate hues

Scires is a bottom-fermenting beer blended with sour beers of different vintages and added with Vignola-type cherries, lactic bacteria, indigenous yeasts and barrel-matured for quite a lot. This makes the drinking experience layered and ever-changing, with a sour entrance given by the secondary fermentation and the fruit meets the roundness of the overripe cherry, and hints of cellar and old wood, leather, all melting in a butteriness which reminds of chocolate. Brainiac but not “harsh”, amazingly drinkable, Scirès is an experiment willing to reproduce the countless shades of reality in a glass.

This beer can be aged, evolving and improving! The right moment falls within 60 months from bottling... Maybe beyond ;) . Keep below 10ºC.

Greatly paired with a pipe, a fireplace, well-written books and dark leather armchairs. Use it as a lifesaver in particularly hard moments, to dilate time and move easily among its normally tight weaves.

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