Sparrow Pit – “The Completeness”

Everything has a conclusion. Love stories, sufferings, Winter and Summer, every beautiful night, professional relationship, tastings, the longest of meals… But we also know that history is famous to repeat itself (even though every time in slightly different ways), and the end to every cycle always brings along a new beginning. Sparrow Pit is a celebration of said ciclicity, a “finite” beer born to bring things to a closing in the merriest of ways – with a feeling one has explored them, investigated them fully, with satisfaction. It will leave you ready (high on life) to start over…

Original extract: 22°Plato
ABV: 10%
Color: Intense copper

A malt liquor intensely amber in color, marbled with electric copper tinges reminding of old distillery stills, it is a concentrate of warmth vibrating with feelings of nuts, almonds and almond paste, cotton candy, dried apricot and chestnut honey. Barrel aged and balanced by the woody, balsamic notes given by the experimental German Polaris hops; it sports a neatly warming mouthfeel together with a good sensation of dryness which will let the palate receive a new blessing sip without ever getting tired.

This beer can be aged, evolving and improving! The right moment falls within 24 months from bottling... Maybe beyond ;) . Keep below 10ºC.

It reminds of an oak forest during fall, flooded by a still warm breeze. It recalls old-England atmospheres, countryside cottages, afternoons early transmuting to dusk. At mealtime, it is best enjoyed after dessert, or as the final piece of an important tasting. Bonus: pair it with Beef Stroganoff, or with a very old cow cheese matured in chestnut leaves.

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