Birrificio Italiano + CRAK Brewery = FRESH IS MORE! Double collab + double party in the name of Freshness!



Freshness is everything to us. We want the beer you drink to be out-of-the-tank fresh, exactly the way we meant it to be, with a full-on hop aroma, its fragrance and smell at the top of their shape, far from the aging, high temperature and oxidization off-flavors. Our friends at CRAK share with us this insight. The choice to brew a collab came spontaneously! We will brew together two different versions of a recipe whose main ingredient is freshness: the first batch is coming on August the 30th in Limido Comasco, the second on September the 7th in Campodarsego. Beer name? Fresh is More. What kind of beer is it? Well, that’s classified… But we’re having parties after each of the two brews! Maybe popping by will grant you a chance to overhear some gossip…


Events info:


After-brew party at Birrificio Italiano in Limido Comasco: a flat-rate aperitivo together with the brewers from Birrificio Italiano and CRAK… Birrificio Italiano’s Cuvée Imperial Nigredo (!) and CRAK’s Guerrilla IPA ed Experimental Hops will make an appearance in the taplist.

Date and time: August the 30th, 6:00 – 10.30 PM
Maximum admittance: 50
Ticket fee: 20€ flat formula including aperitivo, live music and open taps
Info and reservations: by email to

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After-brew party at CRAK in Campodarsego: drink the whole CRAK world and our Tipopils, Delia, Bibock, Cuvée de Missenhardt, Asteroid 56013 & La Polock!

Date and time: September the 7th, 7:30 PM – 2.00 AM
Ticket fee: Festival formula, beers bought by the token. (0,25cl = 1token, 0,50cl = 2 tokens, each token 2,5€)

Besides, during the party at CRAK, our head brewer and founder Agostino will guide a tasting of some of the rarest beers ever brewed at Birrificio italiano: 30 seats available at 15€ each, reservation is required by emailing… The sampling session includes Barbarrique’s Bang Bretta and Inclusio Ultima, and Birrificio Italiano’sScires 13-14, BRQ CA #25 (Cassissona brett) e Nigredo Bless You!

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