Birrificio Italiano MI

The Birrificio Italiano showroom bar, open in the heart of Milan since the Fall of 2017.

Our home in the heart of the City

The Birrificio Italiano bar in Milan first opened its doors in 2017, a few steps away from the Milano Centrale train station. Housed into a versatile, multi-functional and charming space designed by DWA Design Studio our beers pour nonstop from the 10-taps + 1 handpump deck; and are accompanied by a rich bottle cellar which features rare items both by Birrificio Italiano/Klanbarrique and by few selected guest breweries.

Foodwise, the offer of the house concentrates on Venetian-style “cicchetti”, tasty and quick tapas prepared with excellent ingredients sourced from selected local producers. Thirsty for amazing craft beer in Milan? Our headquarters in the heart of the City await!

Birrificio Italiano Milano interiors
Birrificio Italiano Milano pub interiors
Birrificio Italiano Milano interiors and lamp
Birrificio Italiano Milano interiors and tables
Birrificio Italiano Milano staff

Birrificio Italiano MI

Via Ferrante Aporti 12, 20125 Milan
Ph. +39 340 104 9183

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