We have been brewing unfiltered, unpasteurized, additive-free craft beer since 1996.
We’re proud of having been amongst the earliest pioneers on the Italian craft beer scene.

The Alchemic Workshop

The Alchemic Workshop is what we’ve nicknamed our brewing site, a place where ideas meet and become reality, giving birth to groundbreaking craft beers. More than just “a plant”, our brewery is a craftman’s “workshop”, where we perfect and continuously adjust our alchemic concoctions.

Our story

Birrificio Italiano was born in 1996 as a brewpub, the first microbrewery in the region of Lombardy. As time went by, we became a benchmark for craft brewing on the Italian beer scene and beyond.

7000, not one more

Seven thousands, not one more: a limited amount, which allows us to be groundbreaking craftsmen and to pamper every aspect of the brewing process with the utmost care.

Indipendente Artigianale – the Italian Craft Beer certification

Birrificio Italiano is among the earliest embracers of the ideals of craft brewing in Italy, and proudly holds the Indipendente Artigianale craft brewers’ association trademark by Unionbirrai

The B.I. Scale

The B.I. Scale is the instrument we have chosen to rank our beers by alcohol and flavour intensity, in order for our customers to taste them in the best possible order.

Our beers, your bar

Would you like to serve our beers at your pub, bar or restaurant?
Click and find out how to share the joys of alchemic brewing with your customers!


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