The B.I. Scale is the instrument we have chosen to rank our beers by alcohol and flavour intensity, in order for our customers to taste them in the best possible order.

The B.I. Scale is the instrument we invented in order to allow you to taste our beers in the right order, so to experience their essence and complexity to the fullest.

How to use it:

  1. Choose carefully two or more Birrificio Italiano beers you wish to sample,
  2. Identify their placement on the B.I. Scale,
  3. Identify among the beers you have chosen the one belonging to the lowest level of the B.I. Scale,
  4. Pour it and drink it,
  5. Proceed with the remaining beer(s), following their placement on the B.I. Scale by ascending order.

If two or more beers belong to the same level of the B.I. Scale, their drinking order can be considered interchangeable. We suggest you pour the beers simultaneously and taste them alternatively, in order to decide which of the beers fits best in a given tasting position according to your personal preference.

BI scale for Birrificio Italiano beers
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