Come visit us, explore our brewing process and taste Birrificio Italiano’s alchemic creations!

Brewery Tour

Do you want to visit Birrificio Italiano’s Alchemic Workshop? We do brewery tours and tastings upon request!

Brewery Tour and tasting of 4 beers
Days: Wednesday and Thursday 6.30 PM *Other days and starting times on request, according to availability
Pricing: Up to 3 participants 60€, 4 or more participants 15€ p.p.
i.e.: party of 2, 30€ p.p., party of 3, 20€ p.p., parties of 4 or more 15€ p.p.
Duration: 90 minutes.

At the end of the tour it will be possible to purchase our beers directly at the brewery store, with a 5% discount.

And why not make it a perfect B.I. night and book a dinner at our historical Birrificio Italiano brewpub in Lurago Marinone? *By reservation only

Why wait? Book now!

Birrificio Italiano beer tasting tour
Girl tasting Birrificio Italiano beers

Try it fresh, as freshly made!

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