The “Birrificio Italiano Circle” identifies the group of pubs, bars and restaurants which have chosen to be a substantial part of the Birrificio Italiano world.
A bar becomes part of the Circle when it has one or more of our beers always on tap.

Our craft beer, your bar

The B.I. Circle gathers some of the most amazing beer venues available in Italy, who have chosen to share our philosophy. The Cerchio B.I. bars and pubs have one or more of our beers always available on tap, as a sign of the personal choice of the publican/bartender which confers a strong identity to the taplist.

As per our brewing philosophy, we are deeply convinced that beer drinkers have “that one beer” they want to find when they go to a specific pub: this is why we are convinced of the necessity for a bar wanting to be special, and endowed with a strong identity, of having a selection of taps at least some of which always available; as opposite to permanently rotating. This kind of conception goes hand in hand with our beers, conceived for “long-term relationships” rather than mere “one-sip stands”.

BI Circle tapping facilities
Birrificio Italiano beers in the pubs of the BI Circle

Bonuses for the B.I. Circle members

We consider a beer “always available” when it is kept on tap every day the pub/bar is open: this is the one and only condition to become a part of the B.I. Circle! To us it is key to reward those who contribute in sharing our philosophy: this is why, on the base of volumes and number of beers that are always available, we have instituted a yearly bonus program for all the members of the Circle.

Starting from a minimum threshold of liters sold at your bar, you will receive every year a number of coupons you will be able to exchange for free beer kegs whenever you feel like it.

Bonuses stack on the base of quantities sold and number of beers always available: the more beers achieve the target, the more bonuses you will be rewarded with. Want to know more? Contact us, we’ll be happy to share all the details!

The B.I. Circle insignia

Apart from the bonus, every pub that joins the B.I. Circle will receive a starter pack containing Birrificio Italiano merchandise! If at the end of the first year your bar will have achieved the minimum threshold of poured liters, you will receive the special “Garanzia B.I.” metal plaque, and achieve special visibility on our Beer Map, besides being allowed priority access to the pre-sale and reservation of Birrificio Italiano’s exclusive releases, seasonal beers and one-shots.

Is your pub doing amazing? Time to celebrate! We’re going to party together with you and up to four members of your staff, or customers, during an unforgettable night at our pub in Limido Comasco – of course after you have been given a full tour of the Brewery and a tasting. Want to know more? Please contact us!

Join the B.I. Circle!

If you have a beer venue and share our philosophy, if you believe that drinkers deserve to find the one beer they love when they go to their favorite pub, if you believe that great craft beer should always be enjoyed in the best possible conditions, join the B.I. Circle! Serve your customers strictly the best in Italian craft beer, spread the Birrificio Italiano culture.

Garanzia BI Birrificio Italiano plate
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