Beyond passion and creativity: each Birrificio Italiano beer is born out of the scientific observation of Nature and its processes.

The idea behind the Alchemic Workshop

The Alchemic Workshop is what we’ve nicknamed our brewing site, a place where ideas meet and become reality, giving birth to groundbreaking craft beers. More than just “a plant”, our brewery is a craftman’s “workshop”, where we perfect and continuously adjust our alchemic concoctions.

The Alchemic Workshop is, furthermore, a laboratory where the scientific approach and constant monitoring of our processes, technologies and final products is matched by an intimate, almost “spiritual” relationship with the brewing ingredients; malts, hops, yeast.

This double nature where science and spirituality coexist makes us live our brewing venture to the fullest, and to adopt the standards established by the Indipendente Artigianale mark to the fullest, and even beyond.

Birrificio Italiano Alchemic Workshop production plants
Birrificio Italiano Alchemic Workshop production plants
Birrificio Italiano Alchemic Workshop production plants
Birrificio Italiano Alchemic Workshop production plants
Birrificio Italiano Alchemic Workshop production plants
Birrificio Italiano Alchemic Workshop production plants
Birrificio Italiano Alchemic Workshop production plants
Agostino Arioli Birrificio Italiano

This is how we brew

There are three key rules we follow while brewing:

  1. Respect the ingredients: we have studied yeast and its properties, the best conditions for each strain to work and attain the results we have in mind, we know our malts and hops and do everything we can in order to preserve their purity and their sensory features. We do not use additives or adjuvants of any kind and we do not use corrective systems as centrifugations or filtrations.
  2. Stay fresh: all of our work is meant to have our beer get to your glass in top shape. In order to guarantee the utmost freshness, we put a lot of care in the preservation process for our beers; which must be stocked at low temperatures in order to keep the flavor intact. The date you will find on our bottles and kegs is therefore not an “expiry” date, but the date within which you will be able to taste that one beer to the maximum of its properties.
  3. Stay free: we have been in touch with craft brewers worldwide since day 1, but we want to be foreign to any trend. We know and appreciate “beer styles”, but when it comes to brewing we follow our taste and our instinct, producing beers which often stray off the beaten path and follow our research process, our own language, the perception of our own senses.

“It is the thousand banal details that make the difference in the production of a beer. Study, application and research are the kit of the brewmaster. "

Birrificio Italiano team
Woman at Birrificio Italiano
Beer tasting at Birrificio Italiano
Man working at Birrificio Italiano

The beer alchemists

Before we became brewers, we used to be drinkers. We have known, loved, explored beer for a long time; and now we work enthusiastically with one objective in mind: brewing beers with a soul.

We never apply corrective methods in order to adjust the finished product to our expectations; quite on the contrary we lay at the source the ideal conditions for production so that beer will be able to evolve on its own towards the desired result. Our beers are free of stabilizers, additives, centrifugations, always unfiltered and unpasteurized.

All of the microbiological, chemical, physical parameters are monitored in order to study the way they interact, and the results such interactions generate. Knowing deeply how yeasts work, the nutritional properties of a malt, the way in which the alpha-acids of a hop will combine with the body of a beer lets our team pave the way so that each of the elements will be free to follow its course and express itself fully in the glass.

This is why we are alchemists: we observe nature and foresee its behavior, in order to achieve a beer we had previously tasted only in our minds. If you want to drink our beers exactly in the way they are meant to be – the way we have imagined them – drink them fresh and at the right moment!

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