Our beer is a living thing: always consider how each creation has a specific lifespan within which it can be enjoyed at its best.

A craft beer which changes in time

Unfiltered, unpasteurized and additives-free: our beer is a living thing, and it has its own peculiarities and needs. Its sensory features, for instance, can deplete when subject to high temperatures or just with the passing of time; making the beer very different from how we meant it to be. Light or intensely hopped beers, especially, are the ones least able to withstand the heat, and lose freshness pretty quickly. High ABV, sour and barrel-aged beers, on the other hand, can get better with aging; and become more interesting and complex. In order to help you understand when you should be enjoying our beers and to get the best out of them, we have established for each beer a suggested timeframe during which the sensory features are at the top of their condition. Within this window, we guarantee that the beer you’re drinking is maintaining its sensory features and expressing them in the best way possible; just like it had just been poured out of its conditioning tank here at Birrificio Italiano. As a general rule of thumb, this is our advice: apart for some rare exceptions, drink our beers as fresh as you can, enjoy them at the right time!

Birrificio Italiano beer bottle
Birrificio Italiano beer glass

Know your beer: enjoy it at its best

Once kegged or bottled, completely free from additives as well as unfiltered, unpasteurized and uncentrifuged, our craft beer is left free to accomplish its mission: getting to your glass in top shape. This is the reason why when you buy a Birrificio Italiano bottle you will find not one, but two dates: the first is the bottling/kegging date, matched by a batch number, the second date is the one we have chosen, according to our experience, as a deadline marking the end of the ideal timeframe to enjoy the beer at its best; just like the brewmaster at BI meant it to be.

Do not wait beyond this date: know your beer and respect it! You and your palate deserve the best we can give you, from the brewing plant to the glass.

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